Architecture and interior architecture

Every type of cooperation begins with initial meeting with the client to receive the brief and discuss the budget for the project.
We usually ask lot of questions and encourage you to share your opinions and ideas.

1. Functional layout

This type of cooperation covers working on the layouts, incorporating features whilst maintaining functionality. Layouts are adapted to highlight key areas such as kitchen and bathrooms as well as furniture and room for mechanical and electrical equipment.

2. Concept design

Best spaces are made of great ideas.  
During concept design stage we will cooperate from searching for the right concept to visual represenation of our ideas.  

3. Detailed design

Having a vision is great but how do you transform it into reality?   
This is the stage when further detailed designs and drawings are produced.   
Do you value your time?
Amazing. We do too. Full lists of fixtures, materials and furnitre are issued  at this final point with prices, quantities and suggested suppliers.

4. Architects’s supervision

This is a core service that we provide to make sure that project objectives are met.
In this phase we meet with contractors to explain design details and immediately resolve any project-related issues that may arise.
Supervision allows us to track end results relating to aesthetic and technical aspects of the design.  


An image speeks a thousand words. It may sound cliche but it is true.
If you already have a vision, either sell or rent spaces and want to show their potential, this service will be your tool of choice.
We’ll produce visualizations aiming to create magic for you and your clients.

Architectural consultation

For clients wanting to discuss specific architecture-related issues we offer this service. This consultation gives you an architect’s expertise for limited time.

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